cinci martie/sase

Care stia sa ma ajute la problemele cu ipoteze, care canta la aproape orice instrument muzical fara lectii, care a condus, care i-a iubit nespus, care avea mereu un sfat si o observatie buna, si caruia ii pasa enorm.

I miss.

Handsome smiles wearing handsome shoes,Too young to say, though I swear he knew,And i hear him singing while he sits there in his chair,While these autumn leaves float around everywhere. 

And I look at you, and I see me, Making noise so restlessly,But now its quiet and I can hear you sing, 'My little fish dont cry, my little fish dont cry.'

Because you still live on in my father's eyes, 
These autumn leaves, all these autumn leave, all these autumn leaves are yours tonight.

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Razvan spunea...

6/5 la 10?

Lira spunea...

nu incerca sa-ti dai seama, oricum e irelevant.:))
e un post pentru mine scris.:D

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