and just for the record, we used to be friends some time ago

wasn't used to do this anyhow.Since you said you're never gonna forget anything, that whole universe changed and other people with other friends or friendships took its place.Like always, but this time you didn't realisewhen.It just hit you, like those summer rainy afternoons or november winters, chocolate and long walks.Never did you admit it though, you didn't want this to cometo such a sudden end, but you couldn't control anything, anyhow.

Suppose we never met before.

i write notes but don't pass them round

Noiembrie.E clar ca noiembrie e de departe luna cu cele mai multe 'momente' tipice mie.Momentele in care nu am chef decat de o cafea luni dimineata, cand as vrea sa fiu la mare ca anul asta sau in noiembrie 2006, sau cand ma plimb singura prin ninsoare, sau alea in care nu am chef de absolut nimeni si nimic.Momentele mele de 'pensionara' - cum ar spune unii - cand tot ce vreau e pat, coldplay, ceai si fursecuri.Momentele in care 'eu ies cu X si vrei sa vii?' 'parca nu am chef de oameni noi, dar fie', ecuatie in care X si Y iti ajung prieteni, momentele marunte si stupide care se intampla totusi cu un scop anume.Cafeaua prea amara de dimineata, ciocolata desfacuta in mijlocul strazii in ploaie si telefonul de la miezul noptii.Doua bilete uitate pe fundul unei genti, postatul degeaba la ore tarzii (pentru ora de maine dimineata).

could the world make any more sense.


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