it's weird how things can change in such little time, leaving no things and no facts to talk about, no jokes to laugh at and no words to say.You just keep staring at the window, and all you can see now is a sad, over-whelming fade image of what things used to be like, even that short period of time, in which you used to think without thinking being compulsory.

"Got no reason" - indeed, I've got no reason for wonderning this, but I can't seem to understand how things faded so easily, without noticing any difference or without being sorry, even for a second, as it was known that this was the right thing to do.Even though I'm ok with everything.

I used to say that it's gonna be just fine, no matter what.I must say... sometimes it's just "too" fine.

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Anonim spunea...

pff.. acum blogul tau imi place mai mult decat al meu >:P :))

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